ya, I also tried searching the MSDN before and see what you're talking about. I'll test some more.

One of the important things to find out is: where are these commands located? Like I see in the registry that explorer is executing the script file via some DDEEXEC method. I really should learn more about DDEEXEC cause I don't know what this info means for SCF:




The reasons this is important is if I can find where the commands are located - I can find where other commands may exist. I've tried doing a search for files containing the string "ToggleDesktop" and came up with only "explorer.exe". This means it's not even stored in the registry (damn). This makes sense against olosofts probing cause it looks like the IShellDispatch methods are executing methods for objects within the shell - which IS explorer.exe. However, are ALL commands handled by explorer? "ToggleDesktop" and "Explorer" are both found in Explorer.exe but not "Channels" which is the third command we know exists. But then, ToggleDesktop and Explorer are Command=2 and Channels are Command=3.

Something else that is important to know is what the command=2 or command=3 mean in the script files.

So now I'm trying to use various programs to analyze explorer.exe to find out what objects and methods it supports and maybe figure out how to use them from the script.

Tip for SCF testers
Create This Key:

Set the default value to:
Notepad "%1"

This is so that you can right-click a SCF file and click "Edit" to open in notepad. I had tried to go into Folder Options and edit the extensions like that - but I couldn't find it.
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