Safe gizmo... I didn't know PGP had been bought/sold2fedz thx 4 telling me it's true it kinda puts a doubt doesn't it......
I'll check out bestcrypt thx

So what about cryption tough...I mean like files and the keyring idea, That's still "trustable" isn't it? BTW now that I think of it, can't be bothered to PGP open source? I mean not the prog (obviously) but the encryption algorithms....
If not...there could be somekind of backdoor couldn't there?

ow yeah, I forgot to ask, about hiberfil.sys , if it's used for hibernate and say I don
t use it, or wanna delete until I use it.
IS that possible? I tried but it tells me it's in use, s I tried tracking down what prog opens it but all I can trace back to is "system" so....n e 1 know wut prog opens it so I can maybe temporarily shut down and delete file then lauch again...phew :rolleyes: