Unix history lesson

Way back before you were a nut stain a Section of The old Bell Telephone company(When there was one company) was involved in a group effort to develope a multi user operating system. There were several companys involved. The OS was to be called Multics. Well that never happened and Bell Labs pulled out. To make a Long long long story short

Ken Thompson and Dennis Ritchie created their brain-child UNIX(name was a kinda play on "Multics") in assembly code.

Some years late Ken Thompson was a teacher at the University of Berly. He and his students re-wrote all of the Unix Source code. Not one line was the same. They called it Berkeley Software Distribution. You will see many call it BSD. Also know as system VII. Last True Unix Version was Unix System V Revision 4 or SVR4 from AT&T.

True Unix is expensive and usally requires a special computer to run it. Solaris for example is a true Unix and required a Sun Spark station or Sun Blade.

The latest edition to the long ass list in the Unix or *nix family is Linux. A bit of a smaller program designed to run on P.C's and laptops. BSD can also now run on P.C.'s and laptops.

There are Many many many versions of Unix, Linux, BSD, and so on out there. Some include but are not limited to

System 5
Open BSD
Free BSD
Linux Red Hat
Mandrake Linus
SuSE Linux
Yellow dog

Originaly the entire Unix code was writen in assembly, I belive system V marked the first Unix version writen in C.

Oh Bell Labs also developed the C and C++ programing languages to have a language to package with Unix.
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