hey guys just wondering if any of you guys would be able to help me with a little problem i am having in linux.
166MHz Pentium
3Com 3c905-TX NIC
Maxtor 2GB HDD
ISA Adaptor Card with an ISA to PCI bridge
something is wrong with network setup i think because when it boots up it initializes the 3c59x module (NIC driver) which is correct then runs dhcpcd to get an ip from my router. when dhcpcd executes i can see the activity light on the nic light up as well as the '100' light being permanently lit up. dhcpcd just times out and after it finishes booting the only thing ifconfig reports is lo. ifconfig eth0 gives legit stats and no errors, but there is no line for 'inet addr:' like there is for lo which just says ''. i am thoroughly confused.