My vision of the future...

There will ALWAYS be a load of free *nix distros out there.
Some better than others, purely depending on the purpose.
On the other hand, there will emerge more and more appz that are NOT published under GNU license.
This will lead the future of *nix systems into two separated ways:
One way leading into the purely commersially produced softwares for *nix systems.
And one way leading to a non-profit development of software, developed by skilled coders and idealists.
Sooner or latter, the guys running their free distro's will get their hands on the comersially developed software for *nix systems and the whole comersially developed softwares for *nix systems will start to meet the same destiny as the softwares produced for Win.
Once again.. every teenager will have a shitload of CD-R's crammed with warez.
Only, this time... it's not Win-warez.

I do indeed know that there are a lot of comersiall appz for *nix systems today. I'm only saying there will be loads more, and corporations will want to flood the market with all sorts of sh*it for the *nix systems. Just like the Win-app market is today.

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it's you loosers being unable to
apprecitate it because of your
lack of skills!"
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