Well, with the GNU in a pllace Linux will always remain free. The distributors have to make the source code available if they want to sell a distribution. I'm not too happy with Novell buying SuSe though, I mean, this is the company that brought us Netware. Last time I saw netware on a computer I had admin rights in 5 minutes. Maybe thats jus my experience with Novell. But big companies are kind of good for linux as long as it still remains free. Anybody seen the Linux commercial from IBM? The one with the little kid. Thats a reallly good commercial and wouldn't have been possible withoutt a big company. I see the Dell is also shipping out servers with Linux installed. This next yeat should be huge for Linux. I think one of the reasons that we'll see a lot more big companies get involved is that for the last 15 years everybody depended on Windows. There was no choicee and Microsoft pretty much dictated the direction in which computers would go. But now, any company can have their own Linux distribution and put it on their computers for free and lower the price without having to deal with licences and inferior MS software. Well, only time will tell what happens.