you talk in circles, but I think I deciphered this from your incoherent rambling.

-You want to learn how to hack.

-You have been told not to ask "How do I hack"

-You dont want to learn programming.

-You just wanna learn enough to "HACK" some if it ever came down to you really needing to.

-You can compile and run programs.

-You dont know what to do with them once you have.

So basically you came here asking "how do I program with linux" not even really knowing what programming is (at least thats what I get from what you've said). Really, you dont want to learn anything. You just want to be able to fuck shit up without understanding how anything works or why it works. I think you've officially reached the level of "wannabe script kidiot".

What do you want from us? You want us to give you exploits and point you in the direction of vulnerable machines? Its not gonna happen.

Ok so im going to give you the answers to you questions.

You program linux with a programming language. C, perl, python, Bash Scripting, ruby and others.
Learn one. Most exploits are written in C, and since that seems to be the direction your heading, I'd go for that.