lol sin tax mr big man i see? well when i have several computers at my house and he was reading tuts on my linux box. And I was on my Windows Box. Then its kinda hard to see what he is doing because we are in different rooms, so.. i really didnt know wtf he was doing until he told me, and for 1 The LEARNING of linux wasnt for me, i know linux, my friend wants to learn all this shit he has been typing, I gave him advice to come here and learn it because i wasnt gonna teach him.. he can learn it alone. But You guys do go awefully hard on newbies.. I guess it must be the fact that you think ur better because your not a newbie? well bud one point in time you were.. so you really have no right to talk.. If you dont think he is worth it then im sorry, ive found a better board for my friend to learn at because for one this board thinks they are hot shit cuz they not newbs.. and when they encounter a newb they dont want anything to do with them, so have fun with this board.

I find it very strange that you guys have Newbie Questions and have to be an ass to everyone that post's on it.. If you people arent here to help others then your missing the whole point of a bbs, or forum. The reason for a Forum is so one can come and learn things, or so others can discuss what they know and learn from other people, Or just talk and chat depending on the heading of the bbs/forum, Well its pretty plain as day this bbs/forum is for HELP because it states Newbie "Questions" meaning if one goes and posts there he is going to get help, people dont come to this board to get cut down and told how they are not worth it.. people come to learn, and you cant learn when all you here is how ur not worth it, or how u dont listen, or even that they are a "script kiddie" because the fact is, everyone was one at a point in time. If you do not like to help people then don't but its quite obvious some dont like to help others just by how they think they are big and bad or they are better than the newb they are helping