I have a couple of things to say on this. First off DarNess, I don't think my other post was edited, I just saw it plain as day. Maybe you need to schedule an eye appointment? Anyway ... about being shoved into the right direction: Flames are usually a good help, believe it or not, in being shown where the next step is, by showing you where NOT to go and what NOT to do. I think if you actually listen to what people tell you in their flames, it will show you what you're doing wrong. A little constructive critisism, I think. Fuck it, I welcome flames when they have to do with actual knowledge, and not about some pety arguement like they sometimes are. Better to be scolded for not knowing than to believe in what isn't true. Another thing is, about the whole "right direction" thing ... if your attention span will last long enough to get you through tutorials/articles on hacker ethics and computing in general -- where it's going and where it's been -- that would be doing yourself a huge favor. A huge favor, if you want to be smart like some of the people here But that is for more serious computer users, or people who want to make a profession of their hackerly skills. After that, it's all reading and testing, process of trial and errors. Everything I know about programming I have learned by reading books, tutorials, people's notes etc. With the exception of ONE person, no one has ever been here to answer all my lame questions. This forum is cool, but when it comes to actually gaining knowledge, it's up to you. Notice the title of the main page "Dare to take the road to knowledge" It doesn't say "Dare to let someone tell you everything they know about everything and answer your questions afterwards." Read up on hacker ethics, you'll find out that script kiddies are at the bottom of the hacker food chain. They get no respect from anyone, and with good reason. Okay, I'm done ... juss had to get that off my chest. For someone who hasn't been here very long, you show an extreme lack of respect for the guys who have, DarNess.
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