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Hah, Kid you need maybe to act your age, you seem to be acting a little older than what your actions show.(dont make much sense but anyways lol) For 1, I never said u didnt help, the whole issue was that not everyone is here to HELP granted, you may be.. never said you didnt help anyone cuz i know thats not true i see ur name all over the forums. I respect u alot but the thing is.. Now Im typing for my friend because it kinda came to the point to where he got sick of listening to you guys cut him down. and degrade him, I could spoon feed him my work if i wanted to but i choose not to because he needs to learn alone, like we all did, im not gonna hold his hand everystep of the way.. I appreciate you speaking ur mind sin_tax thats the reason i respect you. But you gotta admit people on this board are just a little bit to harsh sometimes eh? I like the promod site its very useful, it should help him alot, ill make sure he gets it. I think Gizmo told him it a few days back yes if you would like to help him get a head start u can.. I dont have time because I have a very busy schedule because the job i have, Im a Linux Networking engineer.. Basically i network for big schools, business's so i dont have the time to sit down and tell him every single thing or even get him on the right track, i told him how to compile and how to run stuff thats about it. But Sin_tax i appoligize for the stuff i said above, but at the time it was in my mind and i had to say it, and u did come down kinda hard on him the first time u posted here gotta admit it and no he Definately is not lazy. He doesnt intend for you guys to point him in the direction of a vulnerable comp or anything he just wants it spoon fed to him and it isnt gonna work, like he learned today heh, But ya Sin_tax if you could help him im sure he would appreciate that.

And i Appoligize, Later.
/me scratches my head.... If I am reading this right this is the 3rd person now replying. On one account. If that is correct, guys come on the accounts are free. This is just too confusing. Help I can do. Spoon feeding I will lose all respect and drop him like a script kiddie.

You say you taught him to compile and run code? What code? What language on what platform? What compiler? Just a few variables there. What I have seen so far is a guy wanting to know where to go to get someone elses scripts to compile to hack peoples b0x5. If that is the case forget it!

If he wants to learn about protocols, (smtp, FTP, SNMP,) encryption, (blowfish, MD5, httaccess) web scripting, (Perl, PHP, ASP, Python, Delphi, Java serverlets) Linux scripting, (c, c++, Perl, Python, TCL, REBOL, Ruby) hell even programing in windows (Visual basic, Visual C++ (I think visual Perl now)) Yes he can get help here. If he wants to simpley hack a web page/Server/Girfriends Hotmail account in 24 hrs I am sorry he will continue to be flamed.

I mean do you realise how often we hear that sort of request for spoon feeding? Te newbiesection is loaded with it.

They post:

"My girfreind is getting emails from another guy, please help me hack her account"

"How do I hack a web page"

I hear :

"Can you put yourself at leagle risk in this public BBS ans tell me how to break laws on the internet even though you have no idea who I am?"

"Oh and now after 9/11 I know it is illeagle to even teach me but will you?"

That is pretty much how it is no matter how you slice it. You wana learn to hack? You have to either find a realy nice guy who will spoon feed you (good luck)! Or become part of a community to help you when you run out of stuff to look for. Like if you are running out of I deas to research on your own. The easy basic stuff you will find tuts on. Hell some from me and peeps I call friends. But other things you will have to venture outside the community to find. YOu will put in many hour of reading and trial and frustraing error.

Then one day you come in here and see some kid who just wants it spoon fed to him and his friend saying we are too harsh. Get the picture? If not I am sorry. Yes you can get help here. But you will have to work also and give back what you get from here.

Bah, that is my 2 cents.
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