ok, this is the one things that's bothering me with slackware. the startup scripts. now, if i've figured everything correctly, slackware uses sysvinit start scripts. which are a bit more complicated in that they require a "start|stop|restart" type deal. also, they're located in "/etc/rc.d/" now this is where i get confused. are all the scripts called rc.* in that directory supposed to run...with the exception of the runlevel one's which only like, rc.4 will run during runlevel 4 and rc.6 during runlevel 6. the problem i have, is that i have scripts in the directory which don't run. for instance, rc.httpd and rc.snort. the httpd one runs fine, but the snort one won't. same with my webmin script that dones't run, but say, rc.mysqld runs fine. why is this? is there somethign i'm missing?//
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