So, what kind of emulator do you use to run linus progs in Linux?
Don't you mean...run windows progs in linux??...lol
I mean, that's what emulators are for right? :p
Anyways, I've used wineX to play GTA3. It was nice, but eh..it's just not right. Dare I say, it's better under windows and rightfully so. Linux was never intended to be some kind of gaming OS. I've never tried the other emulators you mentioned, For several reasons, memory usage is increased and the software isn't free and I really have no reason to run windows progs while using linux. Oh another thing, the official version of wineX is not free. But I found it some irc servers for free...hehe. But if you ask me, for the amount of stuff winex can do it's worth signing up and buying it.

The site can be found here... http://www.transgaming.com/
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