Just a point, you said that Linux was not developed as a gaming platform and secondly that the games (u said software) is not free.

Well yes but many good apps for linux these days are not free either, staroffice for one, CDE (if u wish to run that) for two, and I can mention endless apps more, so I disagree with that completely.

Also the comment being Linux not being for gaming is not true, there is atleast 15 or 20 new titles that have been released in the last year that are also available for Linux and it was prooven 2 years ago that you can run 3D games on a Linux workstation with even better performance than on windows, why, because Linux can uses all of the processors potential and also allows all physical memory to be written to. Windows does not do that and therefore you always need better machines to run new games for windows.

Whereas youc can run Tribes 2, RTC Wolfenstein and so on on a Linux machine with only 400 mhz, on a win machine ur fucked without 700mhz atleast with any of those games.

As for the original post, I do not use any win emulator atall, first cause I run FreeBSD without even a Desktop installed and secondly cause I can just as well reboot and use win2k.

Well thats my two pence!
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