Uh. I dont know if this has been said because I was too lazy to read but I want to help someone so I will say it anyways.

You should be familiar with all of your bin utilities, which are all in like /usr/bin /bin /usr/sbin /sbin - anything with a bin. do an ls of those, then do a man 'name of program';
It wont always help you and some man pages are pretty hard to read. But thats what I said.
um, man2html is pretty neat.
you can: cat manpage.bz2| bz2 -d | man2html >>manpage.html - if you dont like to read from your terminal.
or you can write a neato perl script that will automate this for you.
I would write one and post it, if someone wants me too. But I fear most people reading this will see no use in it.

uh, bye.