I've done some searching for a linux boot disk as well as tried out the LOAF boot disk recommended somewhere on this board. However the LOAF image does not even contain a shell... Dunno what to make of that. Searches revealed results with fancy shmancy emergency boot disks with all these tools I don't want.

I want a bare bones linux on a disk. Basically a kernel and a shell and as little else as possible.

I want one so that I may start at the guts of linux and learn my way outward. I've done this with DOS and am extremely familiar with its workings - I'd like the same of linux with its greater potential. Then I can make my own boot disks to fit my needs.

If nobody knows where I can download one, I'd be much obliged if you'd make one for me. It shouldn't take any time at all when you know what you're doing.
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