Be irked all you like folks, but one day you'll realize that all you use your X-Windows boxes for is to look at porn and play tetris.

Didn't both mtlhd and I say we don't use X-Windows or any other GUI?

You must represent about 70% of the population then. Lose some weight.

Ok, this doesn't make sense. mtlhd just says that he doesn't use linux GUI's for everything. Then you say he is apart of 70% of the population. So that must mean 70% of the population does NOT use linux GUI's for everything. But before, you said linux users DID use linux GUI's for everything. You're contradicting yourself.


look, stop, think about what you're doing. You're pissing people off. Why? Not because you stated an opinion, it's because you're bashing people in the process. Very cruel attitude directed at EVERYBODY in a given area. You can state your opinions without being an ass hole you know.

Windows is a great thing for many people, linux is a great thing for many of another type of people, and unix is for another type of people. Each group has their very valid and true reasons. Each group has their different circumstances and constraints. So show an ounce of understanding k?
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