Okay So I Was Incredibly Bored Tonight And So I Thought I'd Just Post An Absolutely Useless Bash Program I Wrote. I Wasn't Sure Whether To Post It In "Off-Topic" "Programming" Or "*nix Security." Being as Though This Section Of The BBS Rarely Gets Traffic, I Thought I'd Post It Here.

declare Name="1"
while [ "$Name" -eq "1" ]
echo ""
echo "What's Mah Name, Bitch!?"
echo ""
echo "1. Fucked If I Know"
echo "2. Asteos, The Master Of The Linux Dojo"
echo ""
echo "Enter You Selection: "
read Name
echo "Damn StraighT!!"

So If You Don't Type The Second Selection Nothing Is Supposed To Happen So You're Basically Forced To Call Me The Master Or You Don't go Anywhere. Well, Almost Anywhere. If You Type Any Number Other Than One It Will Echo "Damn StraighT!!" Pretty funny, I Thought. I'm Not The Linux-Dojo-Master Just Yet, Or I Would Have Made This Do Much More, But Just In Good fun. Oh Well
=~ s/boredom/ studies/g