Hehehe this is a lame post!

/me is installing FreeBSD on friday!!!! woahaha the clostest thing i ever ran to Unix was slackware! So on friday ima gonna buy lots of beer, some weed and be up all night configing my new box!!!!!

Hehehe I am so exited!!!

*psychogen is jumping around all happy!!!

Ohh and I just read some poll that u guys did like ages ago about what distro and some of the feedback that was there was quite interesting.

I mean hmmm Scallion ur a bit over the top on some points i thought, allthoug I understood exactely where you are coming from, I agree that Mandrake sux big time, thats from the endless kernel panics i had been getting on my Athlon and thats with booting -athlon !!! sorry but no go there for me, and i do prefer slackware and I do rather spend "needless" hours installing gentoo and other "crap" and afterwards gave a very stable system to work with. And on the RH front, well Im not going to comment on that cause RH isnt on my black or white list, its kind of gray allthough i dont do gray but then there is exeptions. The x-windows systems are needlessly buggy thats right and they obviously open alot of security holes but they are working on that now with KDE 3.0 out things are alot more stable, but then on a workstation there is no point in worrying too much about security (thats my point of view) on a server that is not serving as a workstation i would always remove any types of x-windows system!

Bah Im just going on, but my personal choice still is Slack and I hope that I can positivily add FreeBSD to that list!

(talking about distros i wonder what debian 3 is like anyone got it installed?)
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