I'm using Linux Redhat 7.2, and KDE as my desktop (sometimes Gnome, but I mostly stick to KDE because the Aliens theme I have installed is the shiznit) My sound card is a SoundBlaster AWE64 (Creative Tech) made in 1997, kind of old, but it's still cool. It has ports for Line in, Line out, Microphone in, Speaker out and Joystick. I've tried pluggin my speakers in all if these but no sound comes out, and yes, the volume is turned up as high as as it can go. Still no luck.
When I ran the lspci program (the file that normally tells you about your hardware) It said a bunch of crap about an unknown device. I've gone to redhat.com/support, but so far none of their advice has worked yet. Any help from anyone would be ... well, helpful and appreciated.
Carpe Noctem