UnitedLinux. A project aimed at unifying Linux into one homogenous standard to better it in the business and desktop markets. Here is an little piece from Learner's post in debate concerning who is invloved in this, and some info on the project:


Conectiva ..... http://www.conectiva.com/

The SCO Group ..... http://www.sco.com/

SuSE Linux AG ..... http://www.suse.de/en/

Turbolinux Inc. ..... http://www.turbolinux.com

Now these aren't the most major players on the field, SuSE and Turbolinux are big enough. Then you have the Tech partners.

AMD ..... http://www.amd.com/

HP ..... http://www.hp.com/linux

IBM ..... http://www-1.ibm.com/linux/UnitedLinux-Application-Brief.pdf
... ..... http://www-1.ibm.com/linux/?S_TACT=lnxatibm&S_CMP=d2w&S_PKG=ul&ca=lnxatibm&me=u

The FAQ's
And my opinion in a nutshell:

Oh great, so a bunch of companies that already produce their own individual Linux flavours get together to put out yet another? This confuses me, and unless they get more of the major distro's (ie. redhat, slackware, debian) onboard this will only ever be 'just another distro'. Granted the idea sounds good, but I seriously doubt this project will amount to what it intends to be.
And I stand by that even more so with recent developments. Why you ask? Well let me tell you.

One of the major participants in this endevour has taken it upon themselves to start suing a fellow UnitedLinux member. Say what? That's right. Even these companies that share a common goal of promoting Linux can't see to play nicely. By this I am reffering to SCO's lastest actions in suing IBM for what it claims are intellectual property infringements. See, SCO is the owner of Unix. Through the ins and outs of business SCO has come to hold the rights to the Unix operating system, of which there are quite a few offshoots. IBM is responsible for one of these offshooots, called AIX. Now here's the kicker, SCO is accusing IBM of copyright infringement because they feel that portions of the Unix operating system have been copied line for line into Linux. Recently SCO has slapped a $1 billion lawsuit on IBM for this alledged copyright infringement. And now SCO has started sending threats to other major companies who use Linux within their corporate IT structures warning them that they could be liable because of this. So not only is SCO taking shots at fellow Linux vendors, they are threatining the very companies that are promoting the use and creating demand for the Linux platform.

In light of this I think IBM will probably refuse to work with SCO in the future, and SUSE has already begun to rethink their relationship with SCO. While this may just result in SCO being excluded from the UnitedLinux project, the full repercussions of these actions have yet to be seen.

When companies that suposedly share a common goal with a common product cannot play nicely together it is the product that will be hurt in the long run. And with SCO threatining the users of Linux, the possibility of these companies dropping Linux increases dramatically, while companies who are considering implementing Linux will now shy away because they do not want to become a target of SCO.

Unless this issue is resolved quickly and cleanly the Linux platform will be forever damaged clean accross the board.

And we have a member of UnitedLinux to thank for this.