well, i've gotten jack and xmms working (except xmms crashes when i restart jack, but that's fine for now, as i keep jack running almost all the time) for some reason xmms-jack, despite what the changelog for it says, doens't automatically set up the connections the right way, and i have to add the connection to my also out right speaker. anyway...i'm looking for as many jack enabled clients as possible. well...one's that i'll use. for instance...is there any possiblity of a gaim jack plugin? one of my biggest problems with linux is that when i'm running xmms, i can't hear IM sounds. thus, i always get sidetracked doing something. or i'll get an IM right when xmms is switching songs, and i get a popup saying "Card busy, blah blah blah" and i have to go back to xmms and hit play again. not to mention various games and such, but i spend most of my time using gaim and listening to music, which is why this is my main concern. does anyone know of a plugin for gaim that'll make it work with jack, or would this require a rewrite of the code that gaim uses to play sounds?//
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