Originally posted by Moffesto:
C++ being more powerful...
C++ being more powerful than what? C? Try again. The lower level you go the more powerful the language. If you can program in machine language - that is the most powerful you can go. ASM is the next step. With each step the language becomes easier to use and restricts you a little bit more. After ASM came Fortran and Basic - very powerful languages. Eventually C came out - and the beauty of this language is you can make platform independant code. After C came C++ and VB (renown for english-like syntax) and other object-oriented languages. The beauty of THAT is the self-contained object code which made modularization and program production a lot easier. Then after that came stuff like Perl and then Java which produces platform independant PROGRAMS.

So I really question what you mean by C++ being the more powerful... More powerful than VB? There ya go, you got a winner.
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