I don't mean to be rude, but I really hate when people go out and shout:
C# = Elite i've been reading a book on it
Make sure you have a 500mhz or + comp tho cuz it checks for sys requirments

If you can do C# DO IT!

its uber elite I swear to god
It's actually a bit anoying. First off all, what makes a language ELITE?? The abillity of creating complex structures? The abillity of using the same code on ALL OS's without having to change annything before compilation? The abillity to multithread processes at anny time and call them by using ONE command? Then.. C# is used to do what exactly? As far as I know, not all languages are created to perform annything. My father is a programmer and has been programming since 1970. As far as I know, he has been into several languages/computers as:

-386 Systems

When I say that we have LOADS of books on languages in our livingroom I mean it!
Now, myself I like C++.
Not only is it a reliable language, the code is simple to read (depending on each programmer of course) and it's also easy to learn. Once you understand (by understanding I mean learning to the very point where the code becomes naturall to you) C++, you can really create wonders. Right now, I'm trying to learn Visual C++.

That's all, and It's NOT a flame. I'm just trying to make a point that NO language is ELITE they are just good at different things. (Eccept VB and QB and Basic, those suck bonehard).
- "It's not my code that's useless
it's you loosers being unable to
apprecitate it because of your
lack of skills!"
/zenon - C++ master Apprentice