I believe the origninal question was what diffrentiates C, C++, and C#?
I'm a little confused as far as the C++ goes. There's so many diffferent versions I've heard of. What's the differences between them? There's Turbo C++, Visual C++ (Microsoft?), and then juss plain ol' C++. My uncle wants me to learn C++ because it's a major language n shit but personally I'm more of a perl guy. I've been looking into perl for a long time and have collected a bunch of books on it, now it's just a matter of finding time to study them. Is it a good idea to learn perl before starting C++?
C++ is an object oriented language, as opossed to C, which I'm pretty sure is not. Iv'e never heard of C# so I don't know about that one. Just what the hell is C# anyway?
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