lol scallion. Feel free to target products with your flames (if somebody takes it personal than that's their problem), just don't target mass groups of people and you won't irritate me (and everybody else) much - (unless you go into over-used subjects like windows and shit)

C# fits under my definition of "useful" or "convenient" or whatever. It certainly does not match what I would consider 'elite'. It's cause of the overhead. overhead sucks big turn-pike. Perl also has huge overhead which is why I do NOT recommend using perl to write anything for the windows platform unless it be CGI backends. And for mean programs, not for any platform. Perl was provided to simplify coding for platform independant programming. You do NOT want to write firewalls in perl for example.

C++ and especially ANSI-C kicks all kinds of cheek. VC++ doesn't count. I love pointers. I've actually manipulated pointers in VB I love 'em so much.
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