Im new (im sorry, you guys must of heard that phrase way too much..) anyhoo, i want to gain as much knowledge as i can to becomming a white hat. and its to my understanding that the key to achieving this goal, is to read, read, and read about tcp/ip, different OS, security, and most importantly is to learn as much as i can about the C/C++ programming language. if im not mistaken, this is the first step to achieving my goal.. If its not too much trouble, i would most appreciate any type of link to the most understandible guide to learning C++. i tried to go to the "learn C++ in 28 days" site, but i get an error. i tried other links but after an hour or so i felt so helpless, i just wanted to crawl into the fetal position and suck my thumb.. to me, programming is VERY new, yet i want to learn and get to be able to fully understand C++.. if anyone could help me or give me a resource to the most understanable tutorial, i would be most appreciative. [dunno]
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