People often tend to think it's easier to learn C++ with large books that contain a lot of "hands-on" examples.

This may go for you also, I don't know.
One thing for sure, if you REALLY want to learn C++
do NOT under any circumstances buy a book with the following title:

(-) Learn C++ in [4-25] hours
(-) C++ for [dummies/idiots/suckers]
(-) Easy C++ in [rand()%25+4] hours

Get yourself a real book, those that tend to top the
list are books of the type:

(+) The complete C++ reference
(+) C++ [bible/coran/"whatever religious book"]
(+) C++ Introduction (written by some University lector)

Hope that helps, you don't want to spend $60 on a book and then realizing it sucks...
- "It's not my code that's useless
it's you loosers being unable to
apprecitate it because of your
lack of skills!"
/zenon - C++ master Apprentice