Here is my success at programming, not an expert but getting better. I have a project on the go but school is in the way so it kinda slowwwed down.

year 1-2 - junior high
I started with HTML, went to try javascript.
year 3 - junior high
Tried JAVA.
yeard 4-6 - high school
I testing programming with VB, tried JAVA.
year 7-8 - some college classes
I did some Linux script.
I gave JavaScript another go.
I tried old stuff with COBOL and PowerHouse on a unix system.
Got into C/C++ and the standard libraries.
Going to try JAVA , VB and RPG.

Right now I have a project on slow, school's almost over.
the future
I plan on finishing the project, which is a small role playing game. With a story idea and one other programmer.

Before that I just had some experience with a little DOS and windows 3.1 doing what most kids do on games. I still play games in between all of my daily activities and computer sessions. lately I haven't been doing any programming other than reading new stuff and testing it out. I'm taking a look at DirectDraw

Hope this know on the realization that this type of things takes time...

If at first you don't succeed, try, try again.
I don't have any links to give you that I can remember except

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