the ti-83+ has a built in programming language that is somewhat similar to Basic. you access this language by pressing the PRGM button on your calculator. then in that menu you can choose to execute a program written in that language, edit one, or create a new one. as you said, this language is very limiting. there are more advanced games that can be played on a ti-83+ using a program such as ion or mirage. these games are much more advanced. these programs can not be opened as a regular program is, but rather have to be opened through the ion or mirage program. it is my understanding that these programs are written in the ti-83+ assembly language. try searching on google to find tutorials and more information about how to use the assembly language, but be aware that it is more powerful and if you don't know what you are doing you run the risk of data loss. hopefully that is what you are talking about.
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