ethics is how you use a tool. No sense in refusing to make a deck of cards because people gamble and kill over them. For instance, if I made that stealth FTP server, my ethics allow me to use it as a means of storing files on school computers or something - or transfering files I want from a computer. I would not use it for destructive purposes cause this would never benefit me.

But less controversial ideas:

1) Socket script as mentioned above - a good idea I say cause there isn't already one out there. It would be one very useful tool as well.

2) Packet dropping program. Modify the rulesets in a config file to drop any incoming or outgoing packet. These rulesets may state that all incoming packets from such a range should be dropped. Or only packets from such a range should be allowed. Or only these ports are to be open - or closed. Or only these ports may be connected out to - or specifically block these ports. These rulesets may be used to drop all UDP and/or ICMP packets. You may add custom rulesets for advanced users which specify if this offset within a packet contains this value then drop it - or if it doesn't - allow it.

I've never heard of such a utility existing, but it would be hella cool. Unfortunately, it requires a lot of work too.

3) Port redirection program. Specify that all incoming or outgoing packets sent to this address/port is instead sent to this address/port. It is up to the user to figure out creative ways to use this utility.

4) Keyboard mapping program. JonConley once described to me the annoying effects of a trojan which remapped his keyboard. If he had a keyboard remapping program, then he could have fixed it. Not sure what else this would be good for, but maybe you can.

5) Hot-Keys Manager. This program can setup either real or virtual hot keys to perform various tasks. Like if you press CTRL+A then your address information would be inserted into the textbox with focus. Or map a key combonation to executing a program, or to opening a window.

Well, there's 5 more ideas for ya.
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