Here's a couple more ideas that I've had before and remembered:

>> A utility that supports extraction and REPLACEMENT of EXE icons. Extraction is easy and done by many programs, but how many programs out there actually replaces the icons within an EXE? I haven't seen any - but it would be very cool! As far as I know, I'd have to learn the EXE header format and do normal file I/O functions to do this.

>> A raw packet sender + basic packet sniffer. This utility would support 3 file formats. A packet script file used to compile a raw packet file and also a packet stream file that references raw and script packet files to send a stream of packets. I don't think this program would make an effective spoofed DoS attack cause it'll have to compile all those packets and send them very rapidly to be affective - as this utility is not intended for such a thing anyway. The only reason I'd use this utility is for experimenting with the ICMP and ARP protocols. Maybe somebody else can find more useful tasks for it.
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