My thoughts on racism:
I wouldn't consider myself to be a racist, although I enjoy racially slanted humor. But what I dislike are the stereotypical hateful/ass hole races. Example; I hate the black people who blame me and my race for all of their problems and who cannot possibly think they can do wrong, and that anyone who tells them they have fucked up is a "racist" or is "racially profiling" them. These are the people I call "niggers", because they are ignorant hateful dick heads who need to be sent back from where they came. I hate the Jews who think everyone owes them something. I hate the Arabs who act like little fucking kids about politics. I hate the Israelis who act like bigger little kids about politics and like to bully the other little Middle Eastern kids. I hate wiggers, because they are worst then niggers(see above definition). I hate anyone who considers me a racist and/or an anti-semite because I openly express my beliefs.

I can't say that I hate every single person of a race, although it would be a hell of a lot easier to just say I do. And yes, I do have friends of other races, many are members of UGN Security, some I know in real life, I will admit though, most of my friends are white.
Any questions or comments? If yes, then shove them down your fucking throat. By the way, nice song Gizzy...