Okay I'm writing a pretty cimple c++ prog for class.

basically it's just a contact book

first name, last name, phone #, and if they can or cannot drive.

for the candrive = drive I'm having the input either a y or n. What I am having problems with is this:

I have to have a part that will display all the people who can drive or can't. What I did was this...

shortname report(string keyname, shortname namelist[], int currsize)
int k;
shortname nullname;

for(k = 0 ; k < currsize ; k++)
if(keyname == namelist[k].getcandrive() 0
return namelist[k];
return nullname;
so what happens when someone enters in report? y or n. The result will only display the first match and nothing else. I'm unsure as to how to get it to display all the people w/ y or all the people w/ n in the "candrive" mutator.

any help would be appreciated. It's my first c++ class so I'm still new to a lot of this.