Can someone help me if possible?

I have wrote a program to guess a randomly generated number correctly within 3 goes.

Nearly cracked it, just one final thing I noticed when I was debugging, if I put 2 wrong answers in, then enter the right answer on the third go, it will tell me I have had too many goes and kick me out, but if I increase the count condition by one, it keeps telling me that my third answer is always correct, even if it isn't.

I have already tried moving the increment value to outside the loop, but obviously after the first loop, the value will not change.

Could someone have a look and see if it can be rectified or suggest any ideas?

#include <stdio.h>
#include <stdlib.h>
#include <time.h>

// Guess a number 1-6 with 3 tries

void main()
	int a, ans;
	int count = 0;

	srand((unsigned) time (NULL));
	ans = ((rand()%6)+1);
	printf("%d\n", ans);
	printf("Three chances to to guess a number between 1 - 6: ");
	scanf("%d", &a);
	while ((a != ans) && (count < 2))
		printf("Wrong! Please try again: Number of goes so far (%d): ", count +1);
		scanf("%d", &a);


	if (count >=2 )
		printf("Too many goes. End of game. The number was %d\n", ans);
		printf("You had %d goes.\n", count + 1);