Well, I'm in a course for programming and have completed two C courses and a C++ course. I think I know the basics but can't realy find what exactly are "the basics." I worked with pointer a bit and binary sorts. I worked on what you might want to call a game but what I want to know is what should I do next. I don't know where to look what I'm looking for and I'm not the richest guy so your insane ammount of book suggestions, even though reading doesn't seem to stick in my head anyway, is a waste of time, I have a few of them already. I read the first chapters and found myself not knowing what it's talking about. If I sit there with code and change it and see the changes happen then I can learn easily, I can't trace code through multiple files, like through LIB files. I've tried looking at direct draw but I keep getting the same error and I don't know how to fix it. I've been here http://www.relisoft.com/win32/direct.html, and another site that I can't find right now, trying to understand DD but it's just not happening. I've read that site too many times and I'm losing patience with myself. I need help to learn. Maybe another API(whatever that is) that isn't so "complex".

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