Well, I'm completely against any form of racism. And when you talk about other races saying how it's all "our" fault. Well, sorry to say, but lot's of it is. For hundreds of years white people enslaved black people, and killed millions of other people, just based on race. And then we complain when they make fun of us a bit on comedy central or have "BET". Well, too bad. Look what white people did to them, and then look what they do to white people, I don't think it even compares. And then some people say, "well we shouldn't even care about the colour of skin, so all your arguments are invalid because they seperate black people from white". Well, take a look at us. We have different cultures. Neither culture is better, but they are different, and so we shouldn't not recognize the differences, we should just not let it affect our views of each other. I don't know if any of what I just said makes sense to people, but it makes sense to me.
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