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I hate the black people who blame me and my race for all of their problems and who cannot possibly think they can do wrong
My ancestors came from Greece to America about a century ago, so no one can accuse me of being a relative of a slave owner. They could hardley speak English, nevermind own slaves.

As far as the racism issue goes, I have my own theory that may help to eliminate confusion, or may piss a few people off.
There is a white population as a whole, within this population there is an undesirable faction known as white trash. White trash are the bottom of the barrel, the shit left over, the rejects of the general white population. They live in trailor parks, drink warm budweiser, piss in buckets, beat their wives and all that other white-trashy stuff. The same goes with Black people. There is the general Black population. Then there are the niggers, niggers are the black trash if you will. Now where the simpleminded racists of this country go wrong is they see an obnoxious nigger or a peice of stinking white trash a hootin and a hollerin and they think "I fucking hate black people" or "I fucking hate white people". What they really hate Is crack smokin niggers and beer swillin trailer park dwellin white trash. Saying that I hate all Black people or I hate all white people is idiotic, thats hundreds of millions of people who you say are all worthless, and you don't even know all of them. So lets not be so damn vague with our hatred. Dave Chappelle did a stand up a long time ago talking more about racial-profiles etc, and how they're used today.

BTW, my definition of the 'n' word greatly differs from it's original meaning. If you think about it, that word was originated from crazy-ass europeans. I don't care what you say, any one person who thinks they are better than, and can 'own' a certain race, is just fucking dillusional. Without getting too into history, let me say that back when Christopher Columbus was on his voyages this is what people were thinking. "These people are so under-developed we might as well take them from their homes and use them as slaves, at least they'd be serving a purpose." I can't say for sure that's what they were thinking, but it's pretty obvious. They treated the Mexicans like shit, too, according to some arguements out there.

I think it's obvious to tell that I'm against racism. Not just one way,
I hate the Jews who think everyone owes them something. I hate the Arabs who act like little fucking kids about politics. I hate the Israelis who act like bigger little kids about politics and like to bully the other little Middle Eastern kids
Racism definitly isn't limited to the white-supremicist shit. It's everywhere. Also, it's easy to say that you're not racist if you live in America and you're white, because you are the majority of the population and there's supossed equal opprotunity for everyone.
I think I'll stop before I get myself into trouble. This is a sensitive subject and could go on forever. In my opinion racism will never end, no matter how bad you want it to.
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