well even though i hate bring up old topics, i got some good points on this one. first off, back when slavery was a big thing in th united states and we had over 200,000 slaves, id like to point out that the majority of these people were sold into slavery by other black people in Africa. very rarly did a bunch of white guys go over to africa, pull out there guns and start shooting. THe slaves became slaves by loosing a war to a neiboring tribe and being enslaved by the other tribe. thus black people were represed by other black people. Another point, when you think of slave owners, you probably see a rich white guy with a whip and a gun riding around on a horse beeting the shit out of any black guy who wasnt picking cotton fast enough. This is aother misconception made by Hollywood and the movie industry. The majority of slave owners worked along side their slaves doing the same back breaking labor and were not even that violent. If you were a somewhat normal person with a couple of slaves, just trying to make a living, would you want to beat the shit out of them? do you think that would make them work harder? of corse not. Life back then was hard for most people, black and white. Im not trying to justify anything, slavery is wrong, but it wasnt as bad as society is lead to believe. another thing, derogatory words are made by the activist. a hundred years ago, 'nigger' simply ment black person. even now, i cant say 'black' the activists who are trying to compensate for probably some other deaper person issue accuse people of being rasist or discriminating agenst some type of people not because they are, but because the liberal activists convince people that they are. Ive had this entire conversation with a real African American, who was born in africa and he agrees with me. note i call him african american because thats what he is, if he was born here then he isnt an african american, he is a black american, damn i gtg or i would keep writing