I am trying to code the Open menu item for the html editor practice program in a book Im reading. Here is what is happening.

Dim fi as FolderItem
Dim hwin as HtmlWindow
fi = GetOpenFolderItem("text")
If fi <> Nil then
hWin = New HtmlWindow
fi.OpenStyledEditField hwin.HtmlField
hWin.document = fi
hWin.Title = fi.Name
End if

When I compile this the word document is highlighted and I get a message saying "this method is protected. It can only be called from within its class.

Ok now Im a newbie at this so I don't know if Im giving enough information to get any help. What I dont get is that I have followed the books instructions to a tee. I have read the help file associated with the error message. Is there a way I could perhaps unprotect the method? Or is there something Im missing? lost.

any help is greatly appreciated

P.S the book im working out "Michael Swaine REALbasic for MACINTOSH" says it covers versions 3.5, 4, 4.5, 5! Is it possible I need to do something different since Im using 5.2.1? really lost here.

Since Im on the topic of RB. I picked this up as my first programming language. I have an idea for a project I would like to create. Would you suggest I stick with the practice programs the books walk me through to get a feel and hang of RB or should i start my project as I feel comfortable. In other words should I start on say the interface of the project as I learn more about the coding? whats your suggestion? The project would allow me as a loan officer to have a database of clients, fill out the 1003 form on the computer, process the file and send out letters all in one program. Sort of a point of sale program for a broker. I have seen other programs that do this. I figure I want to make one that works for me and then distribute it freely for other brokers/salespersons to use! Anyways, I hope a little background on the project helps you help me!

I understand this is a VB forum but Im only off by one letter! Again thanks for the help.

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