Now psychogen is working on an app, a pretty fucking large up with pretty fucking lots of shit to do. The app is such a hoe that it even interacts directly with remotely located databases and also can change and upload your web pages (not that thats to complex) but it can also administer ur entire members area online - well it will do once its finished.

This is a commercial app and its for work. But its a whore. Why?

Simple because.

I was stupid I have build a menu that is almost identical to that used in MS Outlook, yeah u know the side bar thing, its neat - BUT it will only work the way its meant to work if u stick it in an MDI form cause we need to be able to show multiple forms within another without it being obvious. Now what happens is that psychogen is a whore too, he decides to stick all of this in a SDI form without thinking about what he will have to fight with later. Now after many battles lots and not won he decides ok I am not l33t enough to code this in an SDI form so ima have to move it all to a MDI form, ok no probs.

Now the slag when starting the app will not .add shit to my menu!!!!!! I am so pissed at it, and it gives no errors, so Ima have to find what part of the fucking code i have to rewrite and I am pissed as hell at it!!!!!


ok that was my rant for the day!
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