moffesto, yes you did have to be rich to have lots of slaves. most people wernt rich. thus most slave owners didnt have many slaves. what your teacher says might be true, might not. dont always trust your teachers. also dont be to convinced by people opinions, look at the facts.

silent rage- your first point is mostly true. but you got to remember that rich people tend to try to protect there investments(slaves are investments). second point- you say i underestimate the wickedness of people? i believe that all people deep down inside are evil little pieces of shit. well maybe not that bad but i know that people as a whole do tend to lean towards the bad side. yes we do have people now who abuse black people. most of these abusers are black. 94 percent of black people murdered in gang related activity are killed by other blacks. thats a statictical fact unlike your bullshit guess, and i quote you, "Sure, some treated their slaves properly, but I wouldn't say even 50 percent of slave owners did". might be true, might not.

last point-yes i know that black tribes would raid other black tribes to make shit load of money in a slave market opened up by white people. Do you think that makes any difference? If they had simply not given in and sold there neibors for a couple bucks, people on this side of the atlantic would realize that they can make more money doing there own damn work because slaves would cost so much, and if they did get a slave they would treat him preaty damn well because he would cost so much more.(btw i only brought up that point because black race activists are always accusing white people of 'repressing their people' so its almost ironic that in reality their people repressed their people) And my responce for your last comment, im not trying to make white people look better im just pointing out that black people are more rasist agenst black people then white people are agenst black people. Look at what happened in Rwanda in 1994. if you have no idea what im talking about, one black tribe whipped another tribe off the face of the earth. total genocide of an entire tribe of black people. over 100,000 people were killed in 100 days. once again, white americans are blamed for this! because we didnt stop the slauter, we are made resoncible for the whole damn thing. not asia, not europe, not south or central america, not austalia, not canida, not black americans, not even other africans. none of them are responcible. just white americans. another reason i brought this up, i hate all the protesters accusing me of being rasist, sexist, homophobic, crule to get the point. damnit im pissed