heh, well i think 'niggers' came from the spanish for black 'negro'. anyway, i hate people who say they arent racists. because we all hate certain people, it may not be entire populations of people, but just certain sects of people. as asteos said, white traish, niggers whatever. but whole populations of people do tend to act the same in some respects. really, ive met very few black people in my school life that arent failing at least one subject. thats a huge percentage, where as white people is more like 50% are failing at least one subject. So, the cultures are different. I dont mean to say that black people are stupid; it just goes to show that they do deserve some of the criticism they get. Its not just 'the man' trying to put them down. Mostly, I guess I just hate whiners. :p

/me braces for the kick we are going to get for wizzy from bringing up an old topic :gasp: