ok. basicaly i have a vb app that has a resource file attached to it. the resource file contains a midi. now, i want the program to load, extract the midi to a file, and then play it. i currently have it save the file by opening a file for output as binary and the using the put# command to output whole string, array of bytes converted to sting, to the file at once.

my problem is that when vb outputs to the file, it automaticaly adds " \" to the beggining of the file, and when i compare the outputed midi to the original, it says they differ starting at the fourth character.

i have tried outputing one cell of the vector at a time. that didnt work because vb was adding that **** to the beggining of each character then. i tried the API create file and write file stuff, but it wasnt creating the file at all.

any help would be appreciated.
heres a zip with all the ****. MIDI.zip. i included the original midi for reference.