Another rebuttal for ohfuk

dont be to convinced by people opinions, look at the facts.
This is a discussion of opinion based upon perceived facts. Believe a teacher, believe me, or believe you. hrm.... Doesn't make much difference.

rich people tend to try to protect there investments(slaves are investments)
Quite true, quite true. When you beat a slave, can he still work? Absolutely. Also, this will help discourage slaves from rebelling and running away. You failed to get my point on that matter. By beating a slave, you help keep your investments in line and profitability. I agree such beatings are not usually given just cause the owner felt like abusing somebody (though this happened enough times for people to take note), but rather over some slight or sign of rebellion or because they didn't fill the owners expectations and they gave a little encouragement.

94 percent of black people murdered in gang related activity are killed by other blacks. thats a statictical fact unlike your bullshit guess.
A statistical, obvious, and irrelevent fact. 94 percent of black people murdered in GANG-RELATED activity? lol. I'm not suprised.

My bullshit guesses eh? My bullshit guesses are based upon logic - since there is little that can be said in FACT when everybody who lived back then are DEAD, and there were precious few people going around asking survey's like "Do you abuse your slaves? Why? btw, are you rich?".

LOGIC: They weren't running away by the hundreds cause they were treated well. So they must be running away cause they were treated poorly.

yes i know that black tribes would raid other black tribes to make shit load of money in a slave market opened up by white people. Do you think that makes any difference?
Not much, this part of the topic annoys me. I don't give a damn what the black people did to each other. White people did the same to each other as well. What was WRONG was that the black people were treated that way due to their 'primitive' culture and obviously different look. Back then things were pretty shitty. What annoys me about the present - to take your side - is that society is a heck of a lot more equalized between whites and blacks, and it seems like blacks are wanting special treatment! What the heck?

(btw i only brought up that point because black race activists are always accusing white people of 'repressing their people' so its almost ironic that in reality their people repressed their people)
It's not WHAT people are doing to each other. It's the WHY that makes it worse. As said above, it's a irrelevent point. Rather, you should be pointing out how equalized things really are. That just because in a years time, cops have arrested more blacks than whites - doesn't mean blacks are being singled out. It's cause there's simply more black crime. Now THAT CAN be proven in statistics. I'm on your side in this, I just don't like your approach to combat it.

damnit im pissed
lol, it's ok man.
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