mostly good points... but no, im not rich compared to other people im my state or county for that matter. i live in one of the richest counties in the country, averave income is somthing like 90,000 per household and my house is less then that and i dont go to a all white school, i go to the most racialy diverse school in my county somthing like 30-35 percent of people in my school are white and most of them piss me off. Good point on my comment on the opinion topic shit. what pisses me off is the people who see something on the news and dont even bother to question it for a second, they instantly agree. they 'know' its the right way to go. its pathetic. good comment on my slave investment ideas although if you fuck someone up too much they arnt going to be able to work half as well although it would scare other slaves into working hard. why is the 94 percent murder stat irrelivent in your eyes? just because its gang related dosnt mean its pointless. i agree with you compleatly with the
quote "society is a heck of a lot more equalized between whites and blacks, and it seems like blacks are wanting special treatment! What the heck?"
thats a large portion of what pisses me off. It appears that you missed Rwanda compleatly, that was possibly my best point.