heh heh, I didn't mean are YOU rich. That was part of the sarcastically mentioned survey somebody would have to ask way back when to provide something factual.

why is the 94 percent murder stat irrelivent in your eyes? just because its gang related dosnt mean its pointless.
oh no no no, I didn't mean it was pointless at all. By irrelevent, I meant it had nothing to do with the current debate. I think your Rwanda point fit under that category - but I can't be sure, cause I know nothing about it. And the reason I think it's irrelevent, cause what black people do to other black people has nothing to do with what white people do to black people and why.

-- wow, am I actually hearing you say I'm right on several points? Open minded, and doesn't let your emotion get in the way of 'listening'. From this point on I like ya. Even if your name is kinda... eclectic.
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