racism afro-american italian-american, thats all bullshit. Whatever happened to sexism, eh? All these girls saying there for womens lib and dont want to be equal but rather superior...if a race really wants to be treated as an equal the way to go about it is not to seperate everyone into groups and then respect them, but rather forget where they came from entirely i personally dont give a shit if your from africa although the stuff they say about the man ruining life for them is trash you hear in history class we let them go free as slaves after a good while and yet none of them hopped the next boat to africa...why because africa SUCKS why dis america when you can brag about being from a country where people face all sorts of diseases and everyone is poor they could very easily get an education here and go back to africa but for some reason no one does...
Just because I dont care doesn't mean that I don't understand.
-Homer Simpson