because they cant easily get an education here and go back to america. if they could, everyone would do it. we complain about how horrible america is, becuase we hae highschool, and college, and have to pay taxes, and abide by laws. you think the poor starving kid dying from a combination of aids, ebola, and typhoid wouldn't do anythiing to have 5 hours of psyche homework a night? if it came included with the best set of rights of any country in the world, an almost unlimited amout of food and electrcity, and guaranteed protection from most major medical conditions? man. compared to those poor saps, we live in paradise. and for 99.9% of them, its an unreachable paradise. not only do we have imigration laws, it costs MONEY to live here, and to GET here. itgs hard to raise capital when your 6, and your parents died of aids 5 years ago. all they have to brag about IS africa. just like all we have is america. so saying they should come here if they're gonna complain is bullshit. they CANT come here, or i guarantee they would.

however, getting backl to topic - racism, bad.
Manually readjust your nuerons

Fear him. For he is Fred, the bunny of Death.