See I am writing a plugin for the OfficeChat app i had been writing for quite some time, basicaly this plugin searches your disk(s) for mp3 files and then creates a Access db file with the ID3 Information of the files and where they are located by network path (eg. //mycomp/c/mp3/lamer.mp3) but i want to create the network paths by IP address rather than host name, now there is no problem in doing that but I found that some machines on the LAN have dynamic IP addresses(most likely by DHCP being enabled). The idea is to be able to use the same app as a Internet and WAN app so hostnames wont do the job.

So by knowing what if the IP addresses are static or dynamic I can implement a scanning routine to see if the IP has changed since last usage of the app, if it has the DB needs to be updated with new paths, and rather than having the user archive all their files again (which with over 200 files can take a bitch of a time) I would write a loop that replaces the old IP with the new one through using a string var.

Now what happens is that with the plugin you can stream mp3s over the LAN/WAN or whatever by just searching throug each users mp3 archive(DB) and drag and dropping the files to ur mp3 player.

Does it make sense what I just wrote?

Well you might think, why does he not write a piece of code that will change the DHCP settings. Well i noticed that some comps need DHCP active cause of certain things they do, god knows what, and I dont want to fuck to much with the users comps settings.

Get it?

Well thats why!
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