i don't know anything about visual basic, but i'm trying to create something that has a 2 text boxes and a button. my idea is that the user types something in the first text box, then clicks the button, and if the text he typed is correct the second text box will display "correct" or "wrong" if the user is wrong. so far i've got my two text boxes on there name text1 and text2, then i clicked the button to get to the code and did the following...

Private Sub Command1_Click()
passwordX = Val(Text1.Text)
If passwordX = "hey" Then
display.Text2 = "Access Granted"
display.Text2 = "Access Denied"
End If

End Sub

as i said i have no experience so i'm not expecting to even be close, but i was just wondering if someone could tell me how it would be done. thanks
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